Screening methods

Remain succesfull in what you do best.

Taking action leads to success. Screen your level before or after the lessons.

We have two kinds of screening methods.

One is based on CEFR standards e.g to upscale your level from A2-B1 in speaking, conversing, reading, listening and writing (career achievements to get a degree or advance your level for successful conversations.

Second is focussed on serviceable screening e.g. Can I negotiate properly in another language / what to say when you are invited into someone’s home? Here our language approach is functionally based on everyday situations within every level.

We embrace two kinds of screening methods.

One is based on level profiles stated by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)(similar to Cambridge standards)

It is convenient if you want to find out which level you are in and what more to learn. Coaches use it to determine/extinguish the general level from another to create a personalized curriculum.

Serviceable screening, on the other hand, is based on whether you are capable of performing in specific situations. Like how to act or say during an awkward situation or a negotiation. Screening here merely answers to questions on how can, or in what way do I respond?

Serviceable screening results in tailor-made coaching(read our fast track coaching service) and is popular among our members, especially incorporate business members. So  It has nothing to do with scaling your level. It improves your communicative and social skills in the desired language. (culture-based learning)

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