coach(Dutch & Spanish)

Yvonne finds the collaboration with GLG very professional

The job is stress free / manage own free time  steady income / functional community for intervision with other coaches

Students find me patient, very talented and my bilangual skills are very much appreciated

Madeleine coach Ron duits-min



GLG does require some flexibility. Monique explains.

You either teach as a native, or you’re habituated in countries for more than 25 years

I like working in different time zones

Like to share my cultural knowledge. Customers’  survey says I have a pleasant voice, efficient and I am reliable

ESL / TESOL / CELTA/ TEFL is acceptable

Preferably a Bachelors degree. Due dilligence check esp. when working with children



I consider it as a Win – Win situation, Youri says.

Paid members find you through our community page. No personal info will be revealed.  You’ll contact the paid member and start with the 1st free lesson

You are self – employed 

You’ll meet paid learners in the private community

Interacting with other colleagues  within the community is pleasant and free of charge

Most learners choose 6 months sessions

So you can create a regular reasonable income

I like fast track courses which are one time courses for specific coaching needs

Payments are issued after recordings So all is very clear to me

The GLG Coaching program can be defined in

So are you besides being a fantastic coach/teacher/trainer or communicator and on top of that also a person who finds it important that free time is crucial and brings out the best in human beings. Join our Global Language Community.