Viviën Vos

It’s Personal

Hi. I am Vivien, the owner and creator of GLG, short for Global Language Guidance and vvTcc. vvTcc was launched in the Netherlands in 2008, vvTcc is a language institute that provides courses for individual learners or small groups in basic, intermediate or advanced levels in the Netherlands.

GLG’s office on the other hand, is globally orientated also based in the Netherlands but offers ONLINE language services from all over the world. So vvTcc as well as GLG are posted on my facebook page and other social media platforms. If you want to know more about the difference between both language companies, send me an email. I will be glad to explain.

More about me..

Cravings: chocolate, good food, a nice glass of wine.

Favorites: all kinds of genres (esp. Jazz, Funk, Musicals, Soul.) Looking at art feeds my soul.

Enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer, so we need to preserve and take care of nature. 

Views: please let’s take care of each other and our legacy; even the smallest efforts are worthwile.

Passion: Languages, Photography, Authors and the power human beings can unleash.

Beliefs: Personal growth, Self-awareness, Freedom of speech, Free spirit and mind.

Lately I also found a passion in creating video fragments. I am not really good at it but eventually I will manage the techniques. Check my videos on Instagram and or Facebook like our monthly quiz about nature. See you then.


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Meet Ron from The Netherlands who is practising German

“I followed a German course and had a wonderful app on my phone. Since I work in shifts, this kind of learning worked perfectly. I had control over my learning path and totally could enjoy my free time”.

“Although the app practice fluency skills, I still felt insecure to use it in real situations. Now my job requires to communicate with clients.”

“Conversing skills are far more difficult in real life. I cannot expect clients to adapt their pace when I am at work.” “I was insecure until I became a member of  the Global Language Guidance community”’…..subscribe and follow  Ron´s progress on our social media page.


I personally love GLG and I use it daily. I believe that if you truly want to learn a new language you have to follow class 3 times a week at least! I use 72 sessions to learn Spanish. GLG is great, I love the format. It really helps with comprehension, pronunciation and vocabular


“GLG worked perfectly to preparefor my immogration plans. Friendly and patient coach. Schedule fits perfectly in my free time / irregular shifts”. My soon to be boss was willing to cover the fiance.


"Dutch is my favorite language. Work- related topics are high on my priority list. Thanks coach!!"

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