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It is a closed community for members ( corporate & private ) where learners and coaches meet.

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The community embraces environmentally friendly activities.

Decision making is only successful when free will and time are involved.

We can help you with

Language services

  • Personalized training with private coaches. Empower yourself by improving your ability to speak another language
  • Our focus is on conversational skills. We start with pronunciation and work with you all the way to fluency
  • Become a self-aware speaker of another language with as little as 35 minutes.(3 times a week)

Corporate services

  • Lift your department to highest level. Custom made for: -Fast track coaching needs -One on one coaching -Group coaching
  • Continue your workflow while educating your staff
  • Explore the benefits of language training an(d cultural insight from GLG coaches.(several times a week)

Special services

  • We work with specialists who offer tailor-made concept exam- training in any language
  • Assessors / Interlocutor work with several programs
    Price Plans according to the gravity of the demands
  • Children - Adults feedback to prepare for the exam

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